Schwetzingen Lastenfahrrad Projekt

Aus Schwetzinger Bambus wird ein Lastenrad gefertigt Initiatoren suchen noch fahrradbegeisterte Mitstreiter für den Bau eines nachhaltigen E-Bikes  Schwetzingen und das Fahrrad: Nicht erst seit dem Jubiläum „200 Jahre Drais“ im Jahr 2017 hat die Stadt eine ganz besondere Beziehung zu diesem umweltfreundlichen, zweirädrigen Fortbewegungsmittel. Jetzt wird mit dem Bau eines Lastenrades aus Bambus eine

The Poem

Marshall James Kavanaugh, sits with his mechanical travel typewriter on Church Street in downtown Santa Cruz and writes poems. He has written two poems for the key words “bamboo ” and “bicycle”. They will be as a dedication in the book on Bamboo Bicycles.       You can find more about him on:

D-shop Team Event

November 2017 has been a special month for the D-shop team in SAP. This group of enthusiastic makers decided to build a bamboo bike frame for their team building activity. The team consisting of ten people were given a two hour theoretical session where everyone learned the basics of a bicycle frame design and then

Caribbean Coast with Bamboo Bikes

Along the north coast of Cuba, from Gibara westwards with some participants of the Cyclists for Cultural Exchange (CCE) tour as well as Ana Beatriz, César and José from Gibara. A rough track within sight of the surf and between individual wind energy generators. They have clearly indicated the wind direction and strength on the

Smart Energy Bike

Excellent Product Design in Bicycles and E-Bikes The Smart Energy Bike is a DIY project which combines bamboo composite material with the latest bike technologies in a minimalistic and aesthetic frame design. Each material excels at its purpose. Bamboo for strength, vibration absorption and carbon for stiffness. Designed as a part of the 2017 RedBull “Drahtesel”

Smart Energy Bike

Inspired by the shape of a bull and powered by a massive 18 gear pinion drive, this bicycle represents the strength and the spirit of the 2017 Red Bull bike design competition.  Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle, Red Bull called for an open bike design challenge. Only ten bike concepts were selected

FormAD Meetup

FormAD trifft auf SmartGrass. 🙂 FormAD ist die als Verein organisierte privatwirtschaftliche und bürgerschaftliche Interessenvertretung der Kreativwirtschaft in Heidelberg und der Metropolregion Rhein Neckar. Mehr infos unter:

Talk im Hirsch

Nach 200 Jahren Fahrrad sollte es genug Stoff geben mal drüber zu reden. Beim Schwetzinger “Talk im Hirsch” (im Palais Hirsch – daher!) sind wir auch eingeladen. Bambus als Fahrradwerkstoff ist ein Thema ! Mehr info unter: Lebe deinen Traum – Geschichten rund ums Rad    

Bicycle & Art Exhibition

An event organised by SmartGrass in WerkstattSchule show casing showcasing hobby projects  bamboo bicycles, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Art ! See more pictures in our flickr page here.

German Design Award Nomination

We are honoured to be nominated for the GDA 2017 ! Our E-bamboo bike represents the ideal combination of nature and technology. See more details here.