Frame Building Workshop



Workshop Info

The frame building workshop is a hands-on experience to build your own custom bamboo bicycle frame. We provide the materials and a step by step guidance to design your custom frame geometry and walk you through the different stages of building the frame. Depending on what kind of frame you want, the required time to finish a frame varies between four days to eight days of full time work.


Workshop Fees

The cost of a frame building workshop depends on what type of bike you want to build. Just as a rough guide, a basic frame for a single speed which takes around four days to build will cost 600 Euros (including 19% tax) . An advanced bike such as a touring bicycle with multiple gears and other mechanics can take up to eight days and starts around 1100 Euros (including 19% tax). For an accurate estimation contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote.


Workshop Schedule 2017

The workshops are held during the weekend every alternate week. One series of workshops is in spring and one in autumn in the following locations:

WERKstattSCHUle e.V.
Am Bahnbetriebswerk 3
69115 Heidelberg

Hauptstraße 2
79227 Schallstadt

In some cases we also provide workshops in additional locations and weekdays with special arrangements. Get in touch with us if you have such a request.


11 + 12.03.2017   WERKstattSCHULE (Heidelberg)
25 + 26.03.2017   WERKstattSCHULE (Heidelberg)
01 + 02.04.2017   Bambutopia (Freiburg)
08 + 09.04.2017   WERKstattSCHULE (Heidelberg)
15 + 16.04.2017   Bambutopia (Freiburg)
29 + 30.04.2017   Bambutopia (Freiburg)
06 + 07.05.2017   Insel Mainau (Lake Constance)
13 + 14.05.2017   Insel Mainau (Lake Constance)
24 + 25.05.2017   Insel Mainau (Lake Constance)

– Summer break –

05 + 06.08.2017   Bambutopia (Freiburg)
12 + 13.08.2017   Bambutopia (Freiburg)
26 + 27.08.2017   Bambutopia (Freiburg)
16 + 17.09.2017   WERKstattSCHULE (Heidelberg)
23 + 24.09.2017   Schopfheimer Straße 5 (Freiburg)
07 + 08.10.2017   Schopfheimer Straße 5 (Freiburg)
14 + 15.10.2017   WERKstattSCHULE (Heidelberg)
28 + 29.10.2017   Schopfheimer Straße 5 (Freiburg)
11 + 12.11.2017   WERKstattSCHULE (Heidelberg)



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Get In Touch

For workshop bookings or any other questions send us an email.