Bamboo E-Bike

            “Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to work out in a gym.” ~ Bill Nye      

Bicycle & Art Exhibition

An event organised by SmartGrass in WerkstattSchule show casing showcasing hobby projects  bamboo bicycles, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Art ! See more pictures in our flickr page here.

German Design Award Nomination

We are honoured to be nominated for the GDA 2017 ! Our E-bamboo bike represents the ideal combination of nature and technology. See more details here.

Joint Promotion with ADFC

By the invitation of the local ADFC team Smart Grass Bicycles joined forces with them to promote bicycling activities and present our bikes in the Weinheim Herbst Festival in August 2016.

Pinion Drive

Pinion now supplies gearboxes and complete gearbox accessories, including mounting brackets, cranks, cranks etc. for chain wheels and Gates timing belt drives. Conventional bottom brackets are unsuitable for pinion gearboxes which caused us to design both a modified bottom bracket bearing and a new frame geometry, and because we had a new rear suspension with

Custom Dropouts for Belt Drive Systems

Mehr Präzision, einfachere und schneller Handhabung das sind die Ziele, die wir bei den Änderungen an unseren Rahmenlehren verfolgen. Keinesfalls verlieren wollen wir die Flexibilität jede Rahmengröße und –form herstellen zu können. Die Vorbereitung der Rahmenteile und deren Zusammensetzung ist ein Lernprozess ist, den fast alle Kursteilnehmer zum ersten Mal durchlaufen. Die Rahmengeometrie mittels „What-You-Get-Is-What-you-See“

Life by Bike Magazine

COBI published an article on Smart Grass Bicycles in their e-Magazine “life by bike”. Read more here. Smart Grass is not the typical bike manufacturer. And even though they make unique bamboo bikes, they aren’t typical bamboo bike manufacturers either: they offer bike building workshops so customers can custom build their own bikes and incorporate